At Wanoshoku HANEYA we specialize in seasonally prepared Japanese dishes all set in a private dining room in Kanazawa.


Uchinada-machi, Ishikawa Prefecture. Enjoy an indulgent lunch time at -Wanoshoku HANEYA

HANEYA's special a la carte menu

Side dish ・Appetizer


1. Grilled Edamame
¥390 (excl. tax)
Our most popular appetizer with beer! Enjoy the aromatic flavors.

2. Cold Smooth Tofu
¥390 (excl. tax)
Enjoy the great taste of soy beans and the smoothness of tofu.

3. Morokyu (cucumber with miso from Kinzanji)
¥390 (excl. tax)
Delicious miso with a hint of wasabi

4. Takowasa (octopus with wasabi)
¥420 (excl. tax)
Standard iitems!

5. Noto Mozuku Su (seaweed in vinegar)
¥420 (excl. tax)
Taste of the sea with a hint of ginger

6. Grilled Spicy Cod Roe with Wasabi Leaves
¥690 (excl. tax)
Lightly grilled cod roe

8. Three Kinds of assorted Pickles
¥590 (excl. tax)
Is this the best ?
The man's choice

35. Stewed Beef trimmings with Miso Flavor
¥759 (excl. tax)
Stewed with miso

Seasonal Fresh


11. Assorted Sashimi (for 1 person)
¥2,000 (excl. tax))
Variety of seasonal fish

12. Assorted Sashimi (for 2 persons)
¥4,000 (excl. tax)
Enough for two people to share

13. Assorted Sashimi (for 3~4 persons)
¥6,000 (excl. tax)
Good size for 3 to 4 people

47. Potato Potato Salad
¥748 (excl. tax)
A collaboration of potato salad and fried potato

50. Standard Vegetable Salad
¥858 (excl. tax)
With slightly spiced homemade dressing

52. Popular Crab Salad with Crab Butter Dressing
¥1,408 (excl. tax)
Enjoy the crab meat with fresh vegetable - famous in HANEYA


Grilled/ Stir fried


16. Special Japanese Rolled Omelet
¥620 (excl. tax)
Superb!! Enjoy it while it's hot.

18. Grilled Aubegine with Cheese
¥790 (excl. tax)
With nicely melted cheese on top

20. Mixed Pizza
¥990 (excl. tax)
Crunchy and soft - this is the Pizza!

21. Delicious!! Grilled tripe
¥720 (excl. tax)
With lots of chili pepper as to your liking

29. Beef Loin Steak with Japanese Style Radish Sauce
¥1,990 (excl. tax)
Special sauce with soft boiled egg and grated white radish

Deep Fried


34. Homemade Satsuma-age (deep fried mashed fish paste)
¥620 (excl. tax)
Enjoy with the special ginger miso

36. Deep Fried Grated Potato
¥590 (excl. tax)
Very popular with the ladies!

37. Deep Fried Kanazawa Tofu
¥580 (excl. tax)
Basic comfort food

38. Deep fried soft bone Chicken
¥620 (excl. tax)
Enjoy the crunchiness!

39. Fried White Shrimp with Matcha Salt
¥790 (excl. tax)
Cannot stop!!

40. Deep Fried Spring Chicken with Sweet Chili Sauce
¥790 (excl. tax)
Crunchy and juicy chicken with sweet chili sauce !

41. Homemade Croquette
¥790 (excl. tax)
Potato croquette with bacon

42. Pork Cutlet with 3 Colored Sauces
¥890 (excl. tax)
With your choice of tartar sauce, Japanese ponzu vinegar and tonkatsu sauce

43. Deep Fried Prawn with Tartar Sauce
¥990 (excl. tax)
Everyone's favorite

44. Vegetable Tempura
¥1,190 (excl. tax)
Deep fried seasonal vegetables

46. Assorted Tempura of Shrimp and Vegetables
¥1,790 (excl. tax)
From kids to adults- Loved by everyone

Japanese Noodle ・ Ochazuke (steamed rice served in Dashi soup) ・ Dessert


54. Rice, Miso Soup, Pickles
¥418 (excl. tax)
100% Koshihikari - directly delivered from our contracted farmer

56. Negitoro (tuna and leek) served on Steamed Rice - with miso soup and pickles  
¥968 (excl. tax)
Enjoy with wasabi and soy sauce

57. Salmon Roe served on  Steamed Rice - with miso soup and pickles
¥1,408 (excl. tax)
Enjoy HANEYA's famous salmon roe - just as it is 

58. Three types of seafood served on Rice - with miso soup and pickles
¥1,408 (excl. tax)
With crab meat, salmon roe and negitoro

[We recommend you to order Kamameshi (steamed rice in a special kettle) early, as it will take some time to be prepared. ]

59. Kamameshi with Snow Crab - with miso soup and pickles
¥1,628 (excl. tax)

60. Kamameshi with Grilled Salmon from Hokkai - with miso soup and pickles
¥1,628 (excl. tax)

61. Kamameshi with Chicken - with miso soup and pickles
¥1,628 (excl. tax)


Japanese Noodle
53. Cold Udon
¥680 (excl. tax)
For a nice refreshment

62. Ochazuke with Grilled Cod Roe with Sesame Konbu (seaweed)
¥580 (excl. tax)
Refined taste of lightly grilled cod roe

63. Ochazuke with Grilled Salmon and Mizuna
¥580 (excl. tax)
Good choice  after drinking alcohol

64. Ochazuke with Kisyu-Nanko-Ume and Wasabi Leaves
¥580 (excl. tax)
A refreshing finish to the meal.


69. Vanilla Ice Cream
¥420 (excl. tax)
With a capricious topping

70. Black Sesame Ice Cream
¥420 (excl. tax)
Enjoy the taste of black sesame

71. Assorted Sorbets
¥480 (excl. tax)
For a nice refreshment

72. Custard Pudding
¥480 (excl. tax)
A smooth taste

73. Warm Banana Chocolate
¥480 (excl. tax)
A rich mousse

74. Assorted Seasonal Fruits
¥680 (excl. tax)
Enjoy the fresh seasonal fruits



Beer ・ Sake

Draft Beer
・Small ¥600 (excl. tax)
・Medium ¥660 (excl. tax)

・Non Alcohol Beer
¥550 (excl. tax)
Alcohol 0.00%

・Kirin Ichiban Shibori
Medium bottle ¥770 (excl. tax)

・Asahi Super Dry
Medium bottle ¥770 (excl. tax)

The secret  taste of HANEYA 
・Asahi Super Dry Extra Gold -2℃
¥660 (excl. tax)
Asahi Super Dry, made by the latest temperature control system which keeps the beer at -2℃, at HANEYA, try and taste the sharpness you've never experienced before.
* We have an exclusive refrigerator which keeps the glass at -3℃ to ensure a fine frothy beer.

Small (150ml) Large (320ml)

Warm Sake
・Small ¥400 (excl. tax)
・Large ¥800 (excl. tax)

Cold Sake
・Small ¥400 (excl. tax)
・Large ¥800 (excl. tax)

Local Sake ・ Umeshu (plum wine)


Local Sake in Kaga
Best enjoy in cold
Glass (90ml) Bottle (180ml)

・Kagatobi Junmai Ginjo
Rich fragrance of ginjo and soft flavor of rice, sharp taste
Glass ¥550 (excl. tax)
Bottle ¥1,000 (excl. tax)

Umeshu (plum wine)
With ice/water/hot water please choose your preference
Glass (90ml)

・Nanko Umeshu
Enjoy its fruity flavor and feel the smoothness
Glass ¥500 (excl. tax)

・Noujun Umeshu
Taste the rich and deep flavor, smooth and sweet umeshu
Glass ¥500 (excl. tax)

・Kaga Umeshu
A mixed flavor of richness and clearness
Glass ¥500 (excl. tax)

・Kishu Umeshu
An abundant fragrance of lightly yellow colored Nanko Ume
Glass ¥500 (excl. tax)

Cocktails with pure ice
¥500 each (excl. tax)
・Cassis Soda
・Cassis Orange
・Cassis Grapefruit
・Cassis Oolong
・Apricot Soda
・Yuzu Soda
・Apple Soda
・Peach Soda

Fruit Liquor with pure ice
Best enjoyed with ice
¥500 each (excl. tax)
・Apricot Liquor
・Yuzu Liquor
・Apple Liquor
・Peach Liquor

Specially selected White Wine


[Red / White]
Glass Wine ¥990 (excl. tax)

52. La Chablisienng Chablis  La Pierrelée
<France Bourgogne Chablis>
Bottle (750ml) ¥5,500 (excl. tax)

54. Spinalba
<Italy Liguria>
Bottle (750ml) ¥4,000 (excl. tax)

55. Garofoli Macrina
Bottle (750ml) ¥4,400 (excl. tax)

Specially selected Red Wine


25. Arpa Chanti Il Borro
<Italy Tuscany>
Bottle (750ml) ¥4,400 (excl. tax)

26. Capanna Rosso del Cerro Toscana
<Italy Tuscany>
Bottle (750ml) ¥4,400 (excl. tax)

Distilled spirits


With ice/water/hot water please choose your preference

・Kishunanko Ume [one piece] ¥120 (excl. tax)
・Lemon [3 slices] ¥120 (excl. tax)


Selected Pure Ice
The secret of taste of HANEYA ②
Crafted by experts, Our pure ice takes 48hours to make and provides perfect mineral balance to ensure the ice in your glass remain solid until the last refreshing sip.
1,First we continuously stir the water during the freezing process to ensure that all the water is completely purified.
2,About 24 hours later, we removed all the impurities and then add additional water before freezing it for an additional 24 hours.
3,This process makes high density hard pure ice which is clear in colour and pure in taste. This ice will enhance your drink beyond comparison.

Premium Highball (whisky and soda)

・TAKEZURU Highball ¥1200 (excl. tax)
・YAMAZAKI Highball ¥1200 (excl. tax)

Barreled Sour

¥500 each (excl. tax)
・Calpis Sour
・Lemon Sour
・Lime Sour
・Plum Sour
・Apricot Sour

Soft Drinks with pure ice

¥350 each (excl. tax)
・Oolong Tea
・Green Tea
・Calpis (Japanese milk-based soft drink)
・Orange Juice
・Pink Grapefruit Juice
・Coca Cola
・Ginger Ale
・Mitsuya Cider
・Fanta Grape

Winter season only
・Hot Coffee
Summer season only
・Iced Coffee

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